On this page you can read everything about the special fibercard exhibition at OEQC 2017. Conditions for participation and instructions how to make a fibercard can be found below. It also possible to download the instructions. Click here to download the instructions to make a fibercard.

OEQC 2017
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Your fibercard at our wall next year?

During our 20th anniversary we introduced the fibercards. The lovely result you see at this page. We are so happy with this result, so we repeat the fibercard exhibition again next year.
From October 19th to October 22rd, 2017 the 21st edition of Textile Festivals takes place in MECC Maastricht. We cordially invite you to participate in the special fibercard exhibition.
What do you have to do?
Below you can find the instructions for making a fibercard. Design your own fibercard, the theme is the same as the championships theme of 2017: ‘’speed’’. You can also sent in a card with your own creation without a theme. You can send us the fibercard by mail. You want to exhibit with your fibercard at OEQC 2017 too, don’t you?
Instructions for making a fibercard.

You need:
• A piece of adhesive batting, slightly larger than 15 x 15 cm.
• A post card, a larger piece of heavy paper or thin cardboard. Keep the weight of the card in mind with regards to the number of required stamps.
• Cotton ticking or a piece of unbleached cotton.
• Glue stick.
• Make a small “quilt” on the adhesive batting without backing. Or use thin cotton.
• Attach the cotton to the post card with your glue stick. Cut the cotton to size of the card.
• Iron the “quilt” on the card side. This is only possible if you have used adhesive batting. In case you used thin cotton you glue the cotton to the card. Cut the card to size (= 15 x 15 cm).
• Zigzag the postcard with colored yarn . Min 1.0 stitch length, stitch width 2.5 -. 3.0 / 0.4 / 0.5.
• Please note! Do not use black background fabric or black yarn to zigzag your fibercard. The fibercards will be presented on a dark wall. This will lead dark fibercards or dark details to fade into the background.

Additional information:

A fibercard can be sent as a regular post card, without an envelope. Cut out a square at the corner for the postmark. This way the mail man can enjoy your card too. Wrap your card in plastic if you used beads or other embellishment. Tape on the front side of the card, otherwise the address is not clearly visible. You can also send the card in a regular envelope. Please note! Fibercards are not returned after the show.

Please send the fibercard to our office address before October 1, 2017

You can send the card to the following address:
Textile Festivals
With reference to: Fibercards
Rondven 42a
NL-6026 PX Maarheeze
The Netherlands

Good luck and see you next year!
The team of Textile Festivals.

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