The theme for the Open European Quilt Championships 2016 is:

Best of show quilt championshipsTWENTY

The twentieth edition of the Open European Quilt Championships is imminent. A good time to look back on the past twenty years. What happened at twenty quilt festivals, in your life, in the world? Go back in time and review the past, the highs, the lows and relive precious memories…

Don’t dwell on the past, look ahead every once in a while. Don’t feel restricted by time. Centuries, years or months, days or hours, they will go by anyway. Look at it from a mathematical perspective. The sum of its parts or the sheer numbers. Patterns, figures, an icosahedron with twenty faces, the unmistakable blocks.

What happens when you free your creativity from frameworks and rules? What brings ‘TWENTY’ to mind then? Twenty can be found in everything. Escher stairs with twenty steps, five quartets, four lustra, a bouquet of flowers with twenty different types or colours, an avenue with twenty trees, a school class hand in hand on their way to the play court.

If you give space to your creativity, there will be a multitude of twenty-something possibilities to interpret “TWENTY”. Choose your own perspective, follow your imagination and share your inspiration with us in October 2016.

Deadline: May 1, 2016. It is not possible to register your quilt for the championships anymore.

It is still possible to join our fibercard exhibition, click here for more information about fibercards!
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