The thema for OEQC 2015 is: ‘The People’.

If you let your mind wander, you can think of people who belong together, or want to belong together, a crowd, a tribal dancing of happiness because they are celebrating a wedding, a nation, residents of a state, a nation led by Moses to the promised land, a group. Think of supporters of a football club, a volleyball team, a group of bikers disappearing in the distance during sunset or a battalion of soldiers, practicing on the moor with a howitzer.

Look into nature and think of swarming bees looking for a suitable place to establish itself as an independent nation separated from their people, or an anthill in a dark deciduous forest where you almost stepped on during a hiking trip. A pack of wolves who jointly hunt a bison young that they are trying to separate from the group. A herd of elephants that sisterly trudges through the savannah with their babies between them for protection against the mob hyenas who follow them around. Or young wolves playing, whose parents gnaw on some bones. A herd of cows in the meadow being corralled by the farmer because it is milking time.

If you free your mind there are many possibilities to interpret ‘the people’. Choose your own entrance, follow your imagination and let us enjoy your interpretation of personal thoughts in October 2015.

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