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Grietje van der Veen – Songs of the Earth – Download list of required materials

Wednesday October 22nd, 2014

In this workshop, you will experiment with materials for creating nature images – trees, treebarks, grasses, flowers, landscapes and water. You will learn how to give your work structure and depth with the help of painted bondaweb, Tyvek, polyester, felt, chiffon, yarns and water soluble sheets. These materials offer unforeseen surface design possibilities. Tools like soldering irons, embossing tools, hooks and paint brushes are used. Painting, ironing, sewing and stitching are some of the techniques you may play with. These techniques can also be used to create handbags, brooches, greeting cards and other things you may want to make. The teacher will bring all the tools.

Length of workshop: one day.
After completion: ideas and theory to work with, work to finish at home.
Sewing by hand and machine.
Extra material provided by teacher: €30.
Teacher speaks Dutch, English and German, main language during class depends on group.

grietje van der veenquilt grietje van der veen

Leslie Gabriëlse – Afternoon lecture: Leslies’ methods

Friday, October 24th 2014, 3 pm.

During this (Dutch) lecture, inspiring and innovative artist Leslie Gabriëlse will tell you more about his working methods and techniques. Leslie will show you many examples of his work and will answer your questions. Be charmed and inspired by his art and register on to the spot for his two-day workshop in October 2015!

Length of the lecture: 1 hour.

Start: 3 pm.

leslie gabrielseaerial dancer web

Workshop Dineke Ugen – Papertextile no 1. – Download list of required materials

Saturday October 25th, 2014

During this workshop we will make paper suitable for combining it with fabric. We will use different techniques to do so. The paper is stitched, laminated and painted so it becomes strong and is made ​​suitable for using in a quilt. During this day we process the paper into usable material and you will receive tips on how to start processing it, so you can continue at home. An exciting challenge!

Length of the workshop: one day.
Level: intermediate/advanced.
After workshop: artwork to finish at home, ideas and theory to work with.
Technique: Sewing machine.
Additional material: optional, see list of required materials.
Teacher speaks Dutch and English.

dineke ugenQuilt Dineke UgenQuilt Dineke UgenArt Dineke Ugen

Dijanne Cevaal – Working with Solufix/Print Fuse – Download list of required materials

Sunday October 26th, 2014 

Beginners/Advanced 1 day, machine stitching. This product and technique is great for making a machine stitched embroidery of a favourite photo.

You will work with a photo which will be printed onto Solufix/Print Fuse. One product is water soluble, the other is not. You will learn tricks of how to work with this product and how to make sure your image will be as close as possible to the original photo.

Skills you will learn: Free machine stitching, analyzing line and form and choosing colors.

Length of the workshop: one day.
After workshop: artwork to finish at home, ideas and theory to work with.
Technique: Sewing machine, machine embroidery.
Additional material: €8 for product and printing of the photo.
Teacher speaks Dutch and English.

Dijanne CevaalQuilt Dijanne Cevaalquilt Dijanne CevaalQuilt Dijanne Cevaal



Date Code Teacher Workshop Duration Price
We 22-10 GV22 Grietje van der Veen Songs of the Earth 1 whole day € 96,-
Fr 24-10 LG24B Leslie Gabriëlse Afternoon lecture: Leslies’ methods 1 hour € 5,-
Sa 25-10 DU25 Dineke Ugen Papertextile no. 1 1 whole day € 96,-
Su 26-10 JS03 Dijanne Cevaal Working with Solufix/Print Fuse 1 whole day € 96,-

General information:

  1. Workshops for a full day cost €96.
  2. Lunch-buffet is included for workshops. Coffee, tea and water is included for workshops.
  3. Classes are from 10.00-12.30 hours and 14.00-16.30 hours.
  4. The lecture of Leslie Gabrielse starts at 3 pm at Friday, October 24th, 2014.

Teachers biographies

Grietje van der Veen

grietje van der veenGrietje van der Veen is a quilter since 1996. She is a teacher since 2004. In her own classroom, she teaches up to 10 courses a year. She also teaches in England, Germany, France and Switzerland. She is a trainer of fiber crafts in German speaking Switzerland and is an experienced quilt judge, with a qualification of the British Quilt Judging Course.
More information about Grietje is to be found on

Leslie Gabriëlse

leslie gabrielseThe most characteristic works by Leslie Gabriëlse consist of a skillful combination of different materials using the application technique embellished with acrylic paint. During his career, Leslie has completed numerous commissions, both private and commercial. Textile is his primary medium, he exhibited his work extensively in Europe and North America.

Leslie: “As a student at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam, I was exposed to many media and I embraced all possibilities enthusiastically. I worked in ceramics, textile design, graphic art and painting. I found the use of textiles very satisfying, partly because as a child, I was surrounded by many fabrics and the sound of a sewing machine, because my mother was a fashion designer. Even though my work is made primarily of fabrics, I consider myself a painter, always engaged in the interpretation between matter and illusion.”

For more information about Leslie:

Dineke Ugen

dineke ugenBetween 1965 and 1969 I was educated in (NS fabric decorating and art needlework). During the 1980’s I became acquainted with the American patchwork techniques. Since then I have immersed myself in the process and history of patchwork and quilting. About 25 years ago I started teaching patchwork and quilting. In recent times, my traditional patchwork developed into contemporary (art) quilts. The experiments in this area are still surprising me. The combination of “old and new” fascinates me, but I remain faithful to the “three layers” that make up a quilt.

In 1998 I started with “Duikvlucht” groups in Groningen and Leidschendam, later in Santpoort and Bunschoten. I encourage the quilters in these groups to follow their own path and I constantly encourage them to raise the bar. My work has been exhibited several times in the Netherlands and abroad. Several quilts have been published in renowned quilt books. I also won several prizes quilts. In 2003, I was invited to teach quilt classes in Oman. In 2010 and 2011 I did the same in Bangalore in India.

Dijanne Cevaal

Dijanne CevaalMy quilts are a product of a lifelong engagement with textiles, the mobility of the stitch, the interaction of colour created by dyeing and printing, and the creation of stories. As a small child I built constructions that were stitched and embroidered and this love of embroidery continued through my teenage and adult years. I have finished a Masters degree at Charles Sturt University which has pushed me to examine the textile surface in a more immediate way, not simply as a vehicle for imagery, but a return to the touch and textuality of textiles, its intimacy and its narrative content.

I widely teach the techniques I employ in my work. All the fabrics in my work are hand dyed, and I employ simple printing techniques to create original one-off fabrics used in my work. I love simple resist techniques such as folding and tieing, having fallen in love with the indigo cloth of West Africa. I tend to work in fairly simple colour contrasts though the cloth I use is often complex in the colours they contain. Stitching both by machine and hand are important elements, as is the creation of texture. My work is inspired by the Australian landscape.

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