At OEQC 2014 you can enjoy the following guest collections:

Switzerland Grietje van der Veen
Finland Stitch Group
Australia Dijanne Cevaal
Israel Encounters
Hungary Hungarian Quilters’ Guild
Switzerland Swiss Quilters’ Guild
France Jean Pierre Avonts-Saint Lager
Belgium Lisette Baartmans-De Graauw
Israel Ruth Shadar
Belgium Belgian Quilting Association
The Netherlands Maaike Bakker and Françoise Maarse
Denmark Danish Quilting Guild
Russia Elena Folomeva
The Netherlands Ine Kaldenbach
The United Kingdom The Quilting Guild of the British Isles
The Netherlands LOKK
The Netherlands Wilhelmien van Aarle
Nigeria African Faces Contemporary Arts Studio

Grietje van der Veen

Nature is a crucial source of inspiration for Grietje van der Veen. Tree barks that appear in many colors, tiny plants that latch onto naked rocks, water mirroring the colors of its surroundings. Trivia that one walks past without noticing take center stage in her works. Time and natures’ will to survive have an important impact on her art.

grietjevdveengrietje van der veen

Stitch Group

In 2005 a group of active quilt artists founded a guild called Stitch Group that focuses on quilts as an art form.

Members of Stitch Group: Kaarina Elo-Rauske, Riitta Grönroos, Leena Huhta-Kahma, Maarit Humalajärvi, Vuokko Isaksson, Maire Koivisto, Marita Lappalainen, Tuula Mäkinen, Liisa Teittinen and Tuija Vähävuori.

The goals of Stitch Group are to produce both artistically and technically high quality art quilts, to develop the Finnish art quilt, to promote quilts as an art form and to make art quilts more widely known in Finland. In order to reach these goals, Stitch Group organizes exhibitions both in and outside Finland.

Midsummer Wedding, Tuula MäkinenThe members of Stitch Group

Dijanne Cevaal

My quilts are a product of a lifelong engagement with textiles, the mobility of the stitch, the interaction of color created by dyeing and printing, and the creation of stories.

I love simple resist techniques such as folding and tying, having fallen in love with the indigo cloth of West Africa. I tend to work in fairly simple color contrasts though the cloth I use is often complex in the colors they contain. Stitching both by machine and hand are important elements, as is the creation of texture. My work is inspired by the Australian landscape.

dijanne cevaalquilt by dijanne cevaal


Our group “Encounters” was established in 2009 and it includes 16 Israeli Art Quilt artists.

As there are not many high level workshops on Art Quilts in Israel, and the urge to develop, learn its secrets and know it better were the goal of each artist, we formed the group, knowing it will allow us to fertilize each other through these professional meetings.

Most of the group members participate in international exhibitions and travel abroad to study at advanced workshops given by leading Art Quilt masters.

We are all members of the Israel Quilters Association, and we take part in local groups around the country. We did not stop our activities in these groups. We merely consider the new group established as an enriching addition for us.

Our meetings are bi-monthly, and the emphasis in each meeting is the exchange of opinions, ideas, mutual enrichment and fertilization, practice new techniques and work towards exhibiting our works together.

What designates our group is our choice to meet artists from other art venous from which we can be impressed and learn new techniques and approaches to be engaged in our art. So far we met artists that work with paper cuts, ceramic, glass, metal, weaving and origami.

In April 2010 we presented our first mutual exhibition called “Local Visions: Landscapes of Israel”. The exhibition was displayed in two locations in Israel and in Columbus, Ohio in The United States.

In May 2012 we had our second exhibition called “Textile and More”. Each artist chose – apart from fabrics – to use non-textile materials such as: paper, plastic nets, bottle tops, wires, sponge, and add it to her quilt, with an emphasis on recycling and the environment in mind. The exhibition was displayed in Israel and in Columbus, Ohio in the United States.

Now we are proud to display our new exhibition called “Song of Songs”. Each artist was inspired by a verse and made her quilt figuratively or abstract.

Group members are: Maya Chaimovich, Rachel Covo, Eti David, Rachel Elran, Niza Hoffman, Bella Kaplan, Hava Katzir, Ziva Keidar, Yemima Lavan, Shula Liss, Nava Lieberman, Shoshi Rimer, Orna Shahar, Gisha Wogier, Ita Ziv and Shulamit Ron.


Hungarian Quilters’ Guild

In 2014 the Hungarian Quilters’ Guild celebrates its 25th anniversary. Since 1993 the Hungarian Quilters’ Guild organizes the yearly national exhibition with a competition, alternating the venue between the Hungarian countryside and Budapest.

The Guild also helps its members to develop their quilting knowledge by organizing courses and quilting retreats. It also publishes information about the Hungarian and international quilting life, quilting techniques in the guilds’ magazine. The guild has almost 800 members, some of them work in quilting groups. The groups meet regularly, exchange their knowledge, learn new techniques and work on charity projects.

One of the aims of the Hungarian Quilters’ Guild is to inspire members to make quilts of exceptional quality. Therefore the title of Guilds’ Master was introduced, which can be awarded in every year by a special jury.

Since the summer of 2004 The Hungarian Quilters’ Guild is member of the European Quilt Association (EQA).


Swiss Quilters’ Guild

Verena Lenzlinger – Born and living in Switzerland, I attended courses in painting and woodcut prints for many years at the art school in Zürich. I started patchwork in 1986. Since then I have been captivated by this form of expression. Many of my works have been exhibited in Switzerland, Great Britain and even some in the Netherlands. The Quilt Judging Course, run by the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles, which I attended from 2006 to 2008, opened up new vistas and gave fresh impulses. Many times I have been able to practice what I have learned. For three years I am a member of the board of patCHquilt, the Swiss Quilters’ Guild, and also the representative for Switzerland in the European Quilt Association.

In May 2014 patCHquilt celebrated its 25th anniversary. The competition “Fadenspannung/Fil en tension” was a highlight at the Swiss Quilt Festival in Solothurn. Invited by Ada Honders and on behalf of the Swiss Quilters’ Guild, the 44 shortlisted quilts of this exhibition are on display during OEQC 2014, as a wide range of works by our members. A catalogue of this exhibition is available.

swiss quilters guilddiversity quilt by rita merten

Jean Pierre Avonts-Saint Lager

Depending on how we look at the world, it appears to us to be either stable or unreal.
I endeavor to discover its many facets.
As in a diamond, each facet reflects towards us a different radiance which becomes a source for tragic dreams or wonderful nightmares.
I use an endless richness of fabrics like others work with wood, stone or paint, to allow those who want to, to open the gates of their inner sanctum.

quilt by jean-pierre avonts saint lagercubes volants quiltjean-pierre avonts-saint lager

Lisette Baartmans-De Graauw

This guest collection is a collection that was made under the direction of Lisette Baartmans – De Graauw. Lisette is the owner of Calico House in Antwerp. The quilts that are on display are build up out of several borders. Most exhibited quilts are a personal design. The quilts are made by different members that attend quilting bees organized by Lisette at Calico House in Antwerp. The inspiration for this collection came from a quilt that was made by one of the members several years earlier.

Lisette made the patterns that were used as a starting point. Some members had a block left that served as centre. They created beautiful borders around this centre. After six months already beautiful quilts started to arise. Now two years after the start, there is a collection of twenty fully handmade pieces, both quilted and patched by hand.

Lisette BaartmansQuilt1Quilt2


DAMSS is an acronym of Daniela Arnoldi and Marco Sarzi – Sartori. As a couple, our team works well together because each of us has aptitudes and knowledge that greatly complements each others’ skills.

The underlying theme of the works is the intrinsic value of the reuse and development of the medium connected to the strong technical textiles, maximum creativity and freedom of expression.

The materials we use had a life before getting into our hands: they were conceived, designed, manufactured for use in fashion, and a part of them are necessarily discarded for technical issues (selvedges, samples, waste, etc.).

The continuous updating and technical knowledge allows DAMSS laboratory to experiment with innovative and aesthetic impact in particular to the construction of three-dimensional textile work, installations fiberart. The recent production is oriented to the extreme manipulation of the fabrics.


Ruth Shadar

I was born in Shanghai to immigrants from Vienna. Immigrated to Israel at the age of two and lived in Jerusalem till 1967. Currently I live in Hod Ha’Sharon. I am mother of three and grandmother of six.

When I retired from my job as manager of the Financial Computer-Application Department at El-Al Airlines, I finally had time to pursue my hobbies: painting, stained glass art and quilting.
In the last years most of my quilts are based upon manually digitized machine embroidery. I try to harness the capabilities of new technology translating a variety of styles – ranging from traditional to modern – into fabric and thread.

Ruth Shadarquilt by ruth shadar

Belgian Quilting Association

The Belgian Quilting Association celebrates their 25th anniversary. A few Flemish quilters founded the association, soon members from all over the country joined the association. At this moment the Belgian Quilting Association is a national bilingual association. Every year the association organizes an exhibition called the National Patchwork Happening. Since a few years this exhibition is organized in Enghien (Edingen), a town near Brussels. Every two year there is a competition for the members of the Belgian Quilting Association. This years‘ theme is patchwork and embroidery. The Belgian Quilting Association is happy to present you their collection of competition quilts during OEQC 2014.

BQV LogoBQV1BQV2??????????????????????????????????

Maaike Bakker and Françoise Maarse

All quilts from the quilt book of Maaike Bakker from Diever and Françoise Maarse from Vught are on display during OEQC 2014. The book is called A Paper-Pieced Garden. The book describes seventeen quilts. The designs are based on plants and animals from the garden.

This theme led to colorful and varied quilts. The unique blocks and designs are interchangeable, so every quilter can make his or her own combinations. The quilts are made with paper piecing and machined applique. The book clearly describes how to use these techniques. Both techniques are beautifully combined in unique lay-outs. The collaboration between Maaike Bakker en Françoise Maarse led to a special book.

The quilts in the book have a sequel. The newest designs are also inspired by animals and plants from the garden. For these designs separate patterns were made. Both authors are present during OEQC 2014 and will sell both their book and the separate patterns.

Maaike Bakker en Françoise Maarsequilt by Maaike Bakker 2012

Patchwork guild Denmark

The Danish Patchwork Guild was established in 1986. Today the Guild has about 6000 members. Being a very small country with about 5.5 million inhabitants one can say that we actually have a relatively large number of members in our Guild. Since 1986 the number of regional patchwork guilds has been growing all over the country and many of the Guild members are active in more than 55 regional patchwork groups that exist in Denmark. In this way the Guild serves not only as an ordinary guild to members who has not joined a regional patchwork guild, but also as a parent guild to all the regional patchwork guilds.

The overall purpose of the Guild is to strengthen and promote the interest in and knowledge of patchwork, quilting and appliqué, encourage and enhance the contact to and among Guild members, and to serve as a link to foreign patchwork guilds and patchwork activities abroad.

If you want to learn more about quilting in Denmark don’t hesitate to ask Winnie Egefjord who is the international representative of the Danish Guild via

Danish Quilting GuildDanish Quilting Guild

Elena Folomeva

I began to do patchwork as far back as 1995, having discovered the beauty and variety of patchwork by attending a course. Since then, I went all the way from being an individual amateur quilter to becoming the leader of the training centre retail chain (2010-2011). At present, I am teaching at Marina Kontsevayas’ patchwork and quilting school in St. Petersburg.

I have written and published a book on patchwork, and I am the owner of the Patchwork – Pleasure and Beauty website and blog. Here, I share ideas, techniques and tricks, tell my readers about exhibitions and books on patchwork, and publish step-by-step master classes. There are so many interesting things in the world of patchwork that I am absolutely sure not to run out of things to tell and show to readers – this topic is so rich and manifold.

I continue studying up to now. When looking at the photographs of quilt artists’ work in magazines and on the internet, attending exhibitions and festivals, you are sure to find something you don’t know and cannot do yourself yet. I love trying out things that are new to me – materials, techniques, patchwork blocks – and to combine new things with something that is already familiar, to obtain interesting results.

I like such quilts that have an inner sense, so to speak, implying some image or plot, an intrigue. Moreover, I love quilts that you can contemplate for a long time, discovering some new and interesting details or nuances as you look at them. For me, the main source of inspiration was, and is, the world around me. There is so much beauty around us! And it is up to us to notice it, to incorporate it in our work and so to convey it to the spectators.

I am a member of the Russian Quilters’ Association. I have been a participant and awardee of many Russian and international exhibitions and festivals, such as the St. Petersburg Art Week, the 7th and the 8th Patchwork Mosaic of Russia, all-Russian festivals, Formula Rukodeliya – The Needlwork Formula, the contest held by the Magic Moments magazine from 2008 till 2012, the Patchwork Carrefour festival in Alsace, France in 2013, the Lukomorye festival in Gatchina, St. Petersburg district, in 2011, as well as regional and local exhibitions as a member of the Loskutnyye Zabavy led by Alexandra Nikulina.

Elena Folomeva (right)

Ine Kaldenbach

My dear friend and co-worker, Ine Kaldenbach.

In 1997 I met you for the first time at a patchwork course in Aalst. After this you subscribe for a patchwork course at the Schatzenburg with the Blazing Stars. There would follow many more courses: the theory of colors, mysteries, blocks, machine quilting, Dear Jane, Opart, Easter and Christmas courses, trellis garden and making jackets. You worked zealous and used your mathematical background in your designs. You made surprising designs, speed and reliability are your weapons along with your enthusiasm. Nothing is too much for you.

Our friendship develops as we know each other longer and I start to appreciate you more and more. Ine, a wonderful woman always at someone’s disposal. You help me with everything. Your home address became the address of my brand new Dutch company. Ine knows how to help. You and Johan help me to set up my first accounting programme and know how to solve many problems. You develop the catalogue of the Open European Quilt Championships. We have worked many days and sometimes Saturdays and nights on yet another event for which we made beautiful catalogues. You often illustrated those with pictures of the quilts and you were an oracle for whom nothing is too much.

Mentioning everything you did is too much. But what is worth mentioning is that you and Joke edited the Blazing Stars newspapers for ten years. You made numerous quilts, many quilts that I could borrow from you. Year after year, tirelessly ad unflinchingly. To show you my appreciation for all your efforts, we go to Houston together in 2008. The mecca for the patchwork world. We enjoyed this trip together. Two years ago we visited the European Patchwork Meeting in Saint Marie aux Mines. One of the largest quilt events in Europe. Oh my, we had so much fun.

On March 4th, 2014 you left our Blazing Stars meeting saying ‘I will be a hundred years’. The next day you are struck by a haemorrhage. I and many other Blazing Stars members did not see this coming, didn’t expect this. Since you were a donor doctors decide to keep you with us despite the fact that you hang in the balance. On Whit Sunday at the crack of dawn, it is your time to say goodbye to us. Ine is gone.

Ine, thank you for who you were to us.

Ada Honders

Ine KaldenbachIne Kaldenbach - wedstrijdquilt OEQC 2013

The Quilting Guild of the British Isles

Contemporary Quilt is a specialist group of The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles with over 700 members. We are a diverse group of quilters and fabric artists working at the cutting edge of quilt making. We like to work in textiles to create innovative and dynamic art. Many of our members have exhibited work nationally and internationally. However we also encourage newer quilters to extend and develop their work.

Each year a challenge is set, which is open to all members, and for 2014 the theme was ‘Dislocation’. The selected quilts are shown at OEQC 2014 and show a diverse range of styles, techniques and subject matter. For more information visit our website.

Judy FairlessKathryn Chambers


LOKK is the Dutch National Organization for Lace Art. Members of the LOKK were asked to make lace butterflies. These lace butterflies are placed in glass cabinets for protection. Members were free to use different lacemaking techniques for the butterflies. Some members used existing patterns and others made ‘original’ pieces. Next to technique, colour and shape determine the beauty of the butterflies.

Wilhelmien van Aarle

My name is Wilhelmien van Aarle van der Schoot and I live in Sint-Oedenrode in the Netherlands.

I started with embroidery as a hobby when I was 11 years old. A friend of mine got a box with embroidery cards from Santa Claus which she did not use. I asked if I could make one and that is how I started embroidering. I absolutely loved it and was very thrilled about the embroidery works I made. I drawed a lot too, I filled many sketchbooks.

After I got married I started to embroider seriously. I bought cross stitch packages and when I proudly showed my work to my husband he only shrugged. He thought it was easy, everybody could make those works if they just followed the pattern.

That made me look for something more difficult my husband would not try. I put a pattern on fabric and started experimenting with a stitch that could follow the drawings. I developed my own stitch and after some time it got better and better.

This is how painting with needle and thread arose, and together with that my embroidering career. It gives me great satisfaction to see each embroidering work grow. Every day this gives me peace and it makes me happy. It is the peace and happiness that I want to pass along by teaching this technique to others. I wish you a pleasant visit to the exhibition.

Wilhelmien van Aarle van der Schoot.

Wilhelmien van AarleChristmas card

African Faces Contemporary Arts Studio

African Faces Contemporary Arts Studio was established in 2001 at Osogbo. This is the city of arts and culture in Osun State in the South West of Nigeria. This gallery deals with the production of arts and crafts such as quilts, batik, wall hangings, indigo and applique. African Faces Contemporary Arts Studio has exhibited in South Africa, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Oyerinde LukumanAfrican Faces Contemporary Arts Studio

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