Theme Open European Quilt Championships 2017:


At which speed do you move through life? Are you like a lightning bolt, just briefly illuminating everything in your path before you hurry on? Or more like the glow of a slow burning candle, that turns an enjoyable dinner into a memory for eternity? How has your perception of speed changed over the years? What happens when you realize you are no longer a youngster? Does life seem to move faster because there is more time behind you than ahead of you? How do you think a young child perceives time? Is there an ideal maximum speed in traffic? What would happen if our transport was so safe that it was impossible to get into an accident. Would we then be satisfied going 120 km/h or would we want to go double or triple? And what about the counter movement of ‘slow’ that is gaining popularity? Slow food, slow gardening, slow reading, slow parenting, what happens when you approach life at a much lower speed? Might you grow faster by doing things slower? What happens when you compare slow with fast? For instance the first double decker airplanes to the modern day jet fighters that break the sound barrier. Or an athlete who beats his opponent by just one hundredth of a second. As usual we hope that these reflective questions inspire you to find your own interpretation of the OEQC 2017 theme: SPEED. Surprise us with your take and share your outcome during the 21st edition of the OEQC in October 2017.

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