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At this page you will find our guestcollections for Textile Festivals 2017 soon!

Hana Ron Isreal  Miri Gur Yemen
Others are comming soon. Land Voornaam achternaam Land
Voornaam achternaam Land Voornaam achternaam Land
Voornaam achternaam Land Voornaam achternaam Land

Elke gastcollectie is tijdens de tentoonstelling persoonlijk aanwezig zodat je altijd met de textiel artiest kan praten en van gedachten kunt wisselen.


Hana Ron

Hana Ron picture Hana Ron quiltHana Ron was born in Israel in 1951, mother to 4 and grandmother to 9 grandchildren. She worked for many years as an arts and crafts teacher in secondary school, and after a family tragedy, she completed her studies in Art Therapy and worked as a therapist at the Ministry of Education and in her private clinic until her retirement four years ago. Hana’s first encountered with patchwork and quilting was while studying with her teacher Eti David. Over the years she made a lot of quilts, usually using traditional techniques. Seven years ago, when Hana started studying with the late Ita Ziv the turnover happened, and most of her quilts today are modern and art quilts, with much respect to tradition.Today she continues studying with Hava Katzir.Read more...

Hana likes very much to be renewed and experience new & modern techniques then implementing it in her quilts. The quilts Hana creates are exhibited in Israel, Europe and USA. Hana is a member in the Israeli Quilt Association (IQA) since 1992, and for the last 4 years serves as a member of the board. She is also a member of SAQA and belong to quilter’s groups in Israel.
In her art work Hana uses hand dyed as well as commercial fabrics. She is inspired by everything that surrounds her: the family, her home, the outside landscape as well as trips and journeys. All that is reflected in her works.This is Hana’s first exhibition in OEQC and it is dedicated to her husband David, who passed away half a year ago, and was the living spirit behind the creativity of Hana’s work.

Miri Gur

Miri Gur Yamen wedding sceneI was born in Aden in 1949; I made Aliya to Israel with my parents and brothers during the operation “Magic Carpet”, when I was just one month old. We were settled in the city of Holon, in a mixed neighborhood where the Yemenite culture was not dominant at all. My mother got sick when I was eight years old, and lost her ability to speak and my father was very old. So I had no source from where to absorb the stories and culture of Yemenite community. Since early age I was drawn to art. I always did different types of handcrafts like embroidery, sewing, and knitting. About twenty years ago, I was exposed to the world of doll making. I began to sculpture different dolls using fimo, and I always dreamt in my heart to demonstrate and fulfill part of myself via the dolls that I would make.Read more...

About fifteen years ago I began my trip to the past, to my parent’s heritage, through sculpting the scene of the famous Yemenite wedding. From that moment on, my strong desire to bring alive those hidden memories, grew. Finally my dream materialized by building this exhibition. During the past years I met and questioned many people who helped me understand and put together a tangible and complete picture of my family’s heritage and the Yemenite community in general. The Yemen shown here is “My Yemen”. Although I have not seen it with my eyes, it comes from the feelings in my heart, and from the strong connection with my roots. This exhibit is dedicated in honor and memory of my dear parents Sa’ed and Zahara Nager.

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